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MOON & STARS - black diffuser - imperfect 2

MOON & STARS - black diffuser - imperfect 2

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Ceramic pumpkin diffuser decorated with a moon and pretty stars.

Small glaze imperfections are visible on the outline of the moon.


    Pumpkin modeled in pyrite sandstone and covered with satin black glaze.


    Height: 11 cm
    Diameter: 10 cm


    This pumpkin comes with a tealight candle.

    Turn the hat upside down to add a few drops of essential oils and perfume your interior.

    Avoid touching the ceramic piece when the candle is lit. Once the candle turned off, let the pumpkin cool before moving it.

    This diffuser can also be used as a tealight holder.


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    Customer reviews

    Florence - Etsy - 04/09/23 - I love it! It joins two other pumpkins from the Halloween collection. Perfect packaging, fast shipping and great communication.

    Coco - Etsy - 01/13/23 - Very happy with my purchase; very nice exchanges with the designer; careful delivery and within defined deadlines; I highly recommend !

    Nina - Etsy - 12/17/22 - Magnificent work, I am delighted with my purchase. The designer packs the package with great care, the result is magnificent, thank you

    Virginie - Etsy - 14/12/22 - This pumpkin is even more beautiful in real life and will stay in my decor all year round! It's perfect for me who doesn't like Halloween but loves pumpkins!

    Marion - Etsy - 12/12/22 - Small objects just like I imagined. Thank you so much.

    Nissanels - Etsy - 06/12/22 - Patrick has joined his friend the Christmas pumpkin, the details and finishes are incredible. Magnificent care taken in the packaging, I recommend with my eyes closed. Emma did wonders for this little custom pumpkin. I am so happy with my little ceramic, it is perfect and one of a kind. This is my first but certainly not my last order. I like everything in this store. Thank you Emma

    Erikaa - Etsy - 03/12/22 - The Patrick pumpkin is magnificent 😍 With his little LED as a gift, thank you very much! Everything was carefully and well packaged!

    Karine - Etsy - 03/12/22 - Fortunately Emmaël packs her little pumpkins really well, given the condition of the package handled by the post office (a little scare!!!! but everything is impeccable). Now in its Christmas packaging. Thank you for this magnificent work.

    Laure - Etsy - 01/12/22 - The wait was worth it, this pumpkin is magnificent! Perfect size. Received a small LED as a gift, thank you very much!!

    Caro - Etsy - 01/12/22 - Super cute little Suzie thank you very much

    Julie - Etsy - 11/30/22 - It's always a pleasure to receive Emma's packages! My little Patrick has joined my little Astride ordered last year and everything was perfect!

    Béné - Etsy - 11/30/22 - This Patrick is magnificent ✨, I love it 😍😍 Thank you

    Stacey - Etsy - 11/30/22 - This is the third pumpkin to join the family. Quality work, fast delivery. This won't be my last order :).

    Elena - Etsy - 11/29/22 - Sublime!! I love him with love, everyone must have a Patrick in their life!

    Justine - Etsy - 11/24/22 - I don't have the words to say how amazed I am by this ceramic pumpkin. All the details are magnificent, the shipment is done with care, everything is perfect!

    Karine - Etsy - 11/19/22 - Another pleasure to receive a pretty package, I couldn't see the pumpkin inside because it was a Christmas present. Very well packaged, little attention with a little ceramic word and name. I'm now waiting to discover it... Looking forward to soon receiving the Hector pumpkin which is also my Christmas present.

    Stacey - Etsy - 11/16/22 - Perfect. This little Suzie is absolutely too cute and has joined her big brother Patrick. All that's missing is that Claude and the siblings will be reunited so that my house always has a touch of Halloween.

    Caroline - Etsy - 11/14/22 - I love my Hector so much! It is so adorable and well made. I like his weird little confused expression. I also appreciated the little notes from Emma that were also included. I will definitely purchase more pumpkin friends one day!

    Tiphaine - Etsy - 11/14/22 - I still love your work! The pumpkins are beautiful. THANKS !

    Karine - Etsy - 10/31/22 - I had the chance to adopt the "claude" pumpkin, it is magnificent. My son is super happy. Very well packaged, a little note and ceramic label, superb attention, Thank you!!!. Looking forward to expanding the family with Hector's order.

    Florence - Etsy - 10/28/22 - I'm in love! this little Hector is so cute!

    Marceline - Etsy - 10/27/22 - Magnificent Patrick, sent quickly and well protected. In addition, a little note accompanies it. Delighted with my purchase, the saleswoman is very kind as well.

    Maelle - Etsy - 10/27/22 - Very neat and well packaged creations, my little pumpkins are very original and I'm a fan! Looking forward to being able to expand the Halloween family with Emma's other tealight holders! Thank you ✨

    Johanna - Etsy - 10/25/22 - Magnificent creation! Super well packaged! The hardest part is getting there in time to adopt them! I am delighted about it!

    Louise - Etsy - 10/23/22 - Patrick wonderfully reassures Hector, traumatized by Claude. It is superb, and I love the result which is qualitative while remaining visually artisanal. Stunning !

    Laeticia - Etsy - 10/22/22 - It was worth the wait! The pumpkins are superb. They arrived perfectly packaged with adorable little touches. Exactly what you want when ordering from small designers.

    What beauty, what talent! Suzie is even more beautiful in real life. I am amazed by the quality and the careful finishes. Absolutely delighted with my purchase, I will definitely recommend the 2023 pumpkin collection!

    Margot - Etsy - 10/22/22 - This little Patrick is so magnificent!! I love it!!

    Marion - Etsy - 10/19/22 - I ordered a Claude pumpkin and it is superb, I am delighted with my purchase!

    Chloé - Etsy - 10/19/22 - Very beautiful pumpkin with a funny smile! Very satisfied with my entire order. Very beautiful and very original, a real favorite! Magnificent little pumpkin, very careful packaging so it arrived in perfect condition.

    Stacey - Etsy - 10/18/22 - Beautiful. The finishes are superb, the pumpkin is really quality. I am very happy with my purchase which will not be the last.

    Mélanie - Etsy - 10/16/22 - Pumpkins with souls that speak to us even without being lit. The choice to give them a first name makes perfect sense since each one has its own personality. Very high quality work that is felt right through to the preparation of the package 😉 the success of his pumpkins is proof of this.

    Louise - Etsy - 7/10/22 - This little Hector traumatized by his neighbor Claude is very endearing! I love my evil Claude, he immediately sets the mood!

    Alison - Etsy - 6/10/22 - She is much too beautiful!

    Kldell - Etsy - 6/10/22 - Such a great product. It's so cute and beautifully made. My expectations were exceeded and I can't wait to order more!

    Delphy - Etsy - 5/10/22 - I love my new pumpkins. Crazy quality. Very serious packaging. I adore

    Quiterrie - Etsy - 4/10/22 - I was lucky enough to be able to adopt a little pumpkin and my god what work! It is truly sublime and will proudly sit in my fall and Halloween decor! A big thank-you !

    Amandine - Etsy - 3/10/22 - I love this little pumpkin, it's exactly what I wanted! THANKS

    Samantha - Etsy - 3/10/22 - I am delighted with my purchase, this little pumpkin is absolutely superb ♡ Thank you for this beautiful work!

    Sandy - Etsy - 2/10/22 - Superb creation!

    Valentine - Etsy - 10/1/22 -Suzie is wonderful, she brings comfort and warmth to my home. I love it thank you thank you <3

    Sparky - Etsy - 09/30/22 -Always so satisfied with Emma's pumpkins, I can't wait to discover her next creations.

    Florence - Etsy - 09/30/22 - She's so cute! I adore. Super well wrapped, top communication, fast shipping, and the little ceramic label on top of that, it's such a cute little touch!

    Julie - Etsy - 12/13/21 - I am really delighted with my purchase from the store! I would order again with great pleasure ☺️

    Audrey - Etsy - 3/11/21 - Superb item that fully matches the description. Perfect 😍

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